"Are you totally Plant-Based?"

I get this question… A LOT.

I think that what people mean is whether I’m a Vegetarian or Vegan. The answer is NO. But do I eat a Plant-based diet? YES!

I do not like titles. I’ve never fit well in boxes. I eat all the things – well, almost all the things. I eat MOSTLY vegetables, but do eat some fish, eggs, chicken and so on.

“Why are all of the recipes you share or post Plant-Based or vegetarian?”

I have shared some meaty favorites – Instant Pot Meat Balls – but, yes most are plant-based on purpose. I want to share with you recipes that I love that are:

  • delicious
  • flavorful
  • nutritious
  • easy to prepare
  • colorful
  • ….and happen to be full of veggies!

Veggies have had a bad rap in the past that is just starting to improve. No more canned green beans or frozen broccoli mush. I have transformed my husband from a veggie-skeptic to a veggie lover. And it’s due to recipes like I’ve shared with you all.

We’ve fed the kids a variety of veggies since their first solid foods. Encouraging and leading by example to try the foods prepared for you, but no obligation to clean your plate. Honoring their preferences for raw over cooked 80% of the time, preferring broccoli barely steamed with olive oil and Parmesan. I always serve a familiar food along side something new so they are comfortable tasting around their plate and not (as likely to) shove it away in protest.

So, yes, I share and post mostly plant-based recipes, but don’t they look good??!! Don’t you want to look up the recipe and try them out? !?!? See, that’s my point!