Evict the ghosts, goblins and goodies – Get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Are you guilty of indulging in more than a few Reese’s cups and malo-pumpkins or glasses of which’s brew last night?

First step – Detox.  Yes, even from a day or two of overdoing it.  Hydrate, first thing in the morning drink 28-40 oz of water, with lemon juice for added effect.  My personal strategy is to eat clean and pay attention to true hunger.  Eat when you’re hungry – not because it’s noon, or the kids are asking for a snack.  Start with a glass of water – still hungry?  Then eat, whole fresh food – mostly vegetables, maybe a little lean protein.

Shape has a good article on it: http://www.shape.com/healthy-eating/diet-tips/your-weekend-detox-meal-plan

You can help the detox along by exercising.  Sweating out the sins, getting endorphins pumping to relieve the headache/hangover.  Get your mind right to start fresh.

Step two: Get. It. Out. Of. The. House.  There are so many great ways to get rid of the candy with out throwing it in the trash.

  • Put in a dark colored bag and hide in the freezer – remove any obviously “Halloween” candy, then reuse in birthday pinatas!
  • Donate to the troops or charity yourself or through your church.
  • Sell to your dentist!  Our dentist offers $1/pound!  A local orthodontist is offering $1/pound and putting the money toward our Elementary school PTO.  Double bonus!
  • Finally – the Switch Witch!  I can’t believe I just learned about this, I think it’s supposed to happen Halloween night, but you can start your own tradition.  You leave the candy “offering” out and the Switch Witch comes and takes the candy and leaves a toy in it’s place.

If you work in an office where it seems everyone’s strategy is to bring in the candy to the lunch room, avoid it.  Be stronger than the temptation by staying hydrated and packing healthy snacks – fresh fruit, veggies, almonds.  Or – even better, put all the candy in a bag to donate or sell to a dentist and buy the office some healthy snacks!

Time changes for us on the East Coast tonight and we’ve already gotten the Toys R’ Us toy guide in the mail.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner.  As you’re making holiday plans and shopping lists consider maintaining or adapting healthy habits and the bigger picture.

Stay Active: Challenge yourself to stick to your weekly work outs for the next 6 weeks – and choose a meaningful reward.  Avoid the chaos of parking lot wars by parking far away from the store and walking the extra 50 yards.  Sign up for holiday-themed races.  I know of a few on Thanksgiving day or you can join us for the Gingerbread Mile at Reston Town Center on Black Friday.

Eat well: Plan your Thanksgiving menu – try out a new vegetable based dish or healthy dessert.  (I’ll be posting recipes as we get closer.)  Manage your waistline during high-party season by avoiding alcohol and sweets during the week so you can enjoy the festivities with a glass of wine and some artichoke dip.

Sleep: This is my Achilles heel.  Try to stick to a regular bed time.  Improve the quality of your sleep by avoiding electronics for an hour before bed and not eating after dinner.

The Bigger Picture:

There are so many opportunities this time of year to contribute your time, money and talents to charitable causes.   Donate to food pantries, volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen, consider starting a family Tradition of Giving. In lieu of gifts give the amount you would spend to a charity that means something to you.

Enjoy the time with your family and friends.  Healthy habits benefit us all.

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